Hua Hin

The beach city Hua Hin can be found some two hours drive from Bangkok. The beach is great and there are numerous restaurants also Western ones. Hua Hin is popular both with the Thai as well as with Western guests.

Hua Hin is one of the most famous beach cities of Thailand. Following the international trend as of 1920 to enjoy spa’s Hua Hin became a popular destination for the Thai royal family, the rich citizens of Bangkok and foreigners. Since 2000 Hua Hin enjoys an increasing attention from foreign investors and retired people form the big Thai cities.

The most important road, Damnern Kasem boulevard stretches from West to East starting at the Hua Hin railway station to the Hua Hin beach covering some 1 km of government buildings. The road ends on the beach where one can find the beautiful former Royal Railway Hotel, now serving as the 5 star Sofitel Central Hotel.

Another important road is the south Petchkasem road stretching from North to South through Hua Hin with on both sides of ot the markets. The most important shops and restaurants can be found alongside of this road. The bigger and more expensive hotels en condos are luckily outside the centre North from Hua Hin towards Cha Am at the beach.

During weekdays Huan Hin shows normal live as in any city. During the weekend however it strat becoming enjoyable lively when the Thai condo owners come to enjoy the climate, beach and restaurants of Hua Hin. Huan Hin has the lowest rain of all Thailand and the city enjoys a comfortable sea wind as a consequence of which the city can be visited throughout the year for a great holiday.

There are three seasons in Thailand, the dry season (March-September), the rain season (October-November) en the warm season (November-February). However unlike the rest of Thailand most of the days Hua Hin shows a perfect blue sky with some white clouds occasionally. Hua Hin was chosen by the Royal family because of its great climate.

Fortunate Hua hin “after dark” does not have to many brassy beer or gogo bars en not the kind of night life that can be found in some other places in Thailand. This type of tourist does normally not visit Hua Hin. It are mostly families with grown up kids and golfers that visit Hua Hin also because of its over 10 top golf courses.

The superior sandy beaches of Hua Hin and Takiab are great. The beaches are not over crowded and very clean. The pace of daily live is one of enjoying and relaxation. It is the ideal place for a family to enjoy its yearly holiday. Above all Hua Hin stands for a beach holiday in Thailand.